P32 chassis specs

The 8. On that note, this might be one of those engines you'll only want to start when you really need to. Although it might not be the best for running errands around town, the 8. It was originally introduced as a heavy duty replacement for the long running CID big block 7. The engine peaked at horsepower and lb-ft during its 6 year stint as the biggest engine option for HD and HD models from Chevrolet and GMC. For a gas engine, the 8. That's a span of 2, RPM of usable torque greater than lb-ft, peaking at - lb-ft depending on model year at a respectable 3, RPM.

Horsepower continues to climb until 4, RPM, peaking in the to range. In fact, the engine was manufactured until for motorhome and various marine applications. The engine was only ever been offered mated to General Motor's 4L85E four speed automatic transmission - a manual transmission rendition was never offered. When broken down, GM's 8. Both engines share a 4.

While the engine produces a considerably lower peak horsepower and lb-ft peak torque, General Motors possesses the powerful 6. Sheer displacement contributes largely to the 8. Moreover, the engine makes peak torque at a reasonable, practical 3, rpm. These characteristics are favorable in truck applications.

While the 8. Significantly less displacement 6. Model Year 8.By glennrJune 21, in Type A motorhomes. Am looking for a "Firewall" fuse chart. A photo of a legible chart would suffice, it could be printed - in duplicate so I'd have a spare in case moisture got to the new one. Have you contacted Workhorse? OR contact them at: info workhorseservice. Thank you for the link, Rich. I'll need to take a trip and have a second look at the fuse panel, RV is 20 miles away.

It does look as though the label shown is what I need. Will return and update once I can verify a solution. I have 3 or four of the OEM - P series manuals. This is the decal I am attempting to resurrect. Part number in the lower right corner is EL - I believe this is a Georgie Boy item since some of the circuits I can identify supply pwr.

Shown is the actual panel that goes with this decal. With all the assistance I'm receiving on this issue reinforces my commitment to being a member of FMCA! Thanks for all the help. Who used a ink pen to write in the 5 in ? The drawing is ! Are you the original owner? Glenner, This is the best information I could find regarding the picture of the wiring you posted. The diagram in the word format is the most complete.Please see our shipping terms for more information.

Koni Frequency Selective Damping FSD shock absorbers provide superior handling characteristics without compromising ride comfort. The FSD is firm where you need it, such as through corners, but rides soft over expansion joints and rough roads. A special valve filters out annoying vibrations before they enter the vehicle, resulting in a smooth ride over a variety of road surfaces.

The UltraTrac Rear Trac Bar mounts from the frame rail to the rear axle to prevent wandering or "tail wagging the dog" issues in windy conditions or by passing trucks. Assembled from heavy-gauge steel and polyurethane bushings, this is a "no-drill" installation.

p32 chassis specs

Powder coated for long lasting protection and made proudly in the USA. Part Safe-T-Plus high-performance steering controls are designed to reduce over-steering your vehicle making it easier to drive to your destination. Safe-T-Plus automatically stabilizes the vehicle, enabling you to maintain straight ahead steering through front tire blow-outs, potholes, uneven pavement, ruts, bumps and side winds.

Part P30KB When Workhorse widened the front cross member on the late-model P32 chassis, they left the old, narrow sway bar mounts in place.

This places more leverage on the sway bar and the mounts, which makes the bar less effective and can break mounting bolts and brackets. The Roadmaster spreader bar moves the mounts out to a wider location and comes with all necessary anti sway bar bushings, brackets and hardware. The state of California requires that this warning be posted for people purchasing products that reside in California. For more information, visit www. Take advantage of our current sales!!! We are still shipping within 24 hours of ordering!

Thank you for your support during this time, may God Bless America. Order Shipment Notice:. Add and Keep Shopping Schedule Appointment. Add to Wish List Compare this Product.Improve towing power and fuel economy! Our RV performance package consists of Raylar aluminum cylinder heads, high-torque camshaft and high strength roller rocker arms. It has a very minor exhaust note but provides ample low and mid-range pulling and passing power.

Our motorhome kit fits Workhorse chassis W Use your RV for serious hauling? Build the ultimate stock-block stroker! Our 4. Requires block clearance work to fit in stock 8. Our cylinder heads and camshaft kits perform even better when your workhorse chassis motorhome is equipped with a Gale Banks power pack! Our full-roller camshaft kit for iron cylinder heads reuses stock head studs, valve springs and fits under the stock valve covers.

We don't offer computer tuning, but we've met lots of good people who do. Check out our tuner list to find a tuner in your area. Need even more horsepower and torque from your Workhorse chassis? Expect incredible gains in the low and mid-range powerband with our fully forged cid stroker kit or cid short block. These kits creates extra cubic inches within the engine, giving you more pulling power. Comes with 4. The stock workhorse intake manifold opens to an air dam routing air deeper into the manifold, restricting airflow and adding heat.

Modifying your stock 8. We remove the stock plenum blockages inside the manifold to reduce restriction and free up horsepower and smooth the individual intake runners. Intake manifold modification will provide gains throughout the entire RPM band.

1999-2003 Workhorse RV & Truck Service Repair Manual

Intake modification is essential if you are considering adding additional cubic inches to your 8. Workhorse 8.

Banks 8. Want Even More Power? Intake Manifold Video.Itel P32 has just been launched by itel mobile today and they are tagging it the complete package. Itel mobile is known to produce feature phones and low-end smartphones so it makes a lot of sense launching this new device in partnership with Google. P32 features a 5. It has an MTM Quad-core 1.

p32 chassis specs

The most impressive thing about the device might be its mAh battery which can stay up for 3 days at a single charge. P32 features a sleek plastic body design and is available in different colours.

Itel has evolved over the years aesthetically with its smartphones and this device is arguably the best looking one yet. Its dual rear cameras are well positioned at the back beside the LED flash.

The fingerprint takes the same position as all older itel devices. In terms of display, there is an aspect ratio full view display for full view experience. There is a 5. There is a 5MP front camera for taking clear selfie images.

Other connectivity options include Bluetooth 4. Avid Gamer and Music Lover. Loves Chelsea FC. Overall, a nice guy. Find me on Instagram and Twitter. First copy of my had powering problem. On my device itel p32 WhatsApp is lasting for 24hrs and it will expire please what is happening. Please does it make video calls? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Wednesday 15th April Table of Contents.Powerful enough to accommodate multiple slide-outs and still perform superbly on mountain roads or the open highway, this chassis is powered by the GM Vortec 8.

It's the biggest, most powerful engine available for motor home platforms. And now most models are powered by the new GM Vortec 8.

2004 P32 Chassis

Result: better ride, better stability, a better motor home. RV Chassis Specs. Workhorse Home. Ratio 9. RV RV to Caliper Piston Dia. RV Twin 2. Caliper Piston Dia. Rear Drum Size RV : 13 x 3. Rear Axle: 7, lb. GCWR: 19, lb. RV 1. RV 75 gal. RV to Optional Fuel Tanks 60 gal. The right is reserved to make changes at any time, without notice, in materials, specifications and models, and also to discontinue models. Some of the equipment shown is available at extra cost. Workhorse RV Chassis.

OPT L65 6. Rotor Size: RV to Disc Rear RV to :. Roto Size: Rear Drum Size RV :. Independent Coil with auxiliary air springs Stabilizer Bar. Shock Absorbers. Maximum Section in.By woodlodgeNovember 24, in Chassis. I have a Winnebago Brave 34D that I bought used. Needless to say, none of the manuals came with it. I purchased the owners manual but no chassis manual. I want to know what Workhorse chassis I have: the W22 or the W The sticker weight is 27, lb.

Where can I find the chassis info? For the most complete information, to register your chassis with Workhorse and to check for any recalls affecting your chassis, call Workhorse with your chassis number: or You can also get the form to register on their website which would enable you to view the manuals on-line:.

p32 chassis specs

You can go here to get some info on your Brave. Thanks for the link. Ok conflicting info. I have the You have the W If you still have the build sheet usually stored in a closet wall or some other obscure placeyou can usually go online and find the manuals at the vendor websites. As far as I can tell WH did not produce the W22 with Yes my mistake.

Since my mh is a with Please note that the chassis W20 and W22 had a 2 inch front stabilizer shaft. Often called an anti sway bar. In September of WH changed to a 2. If your chassis has the 2 inch bar I would strongly recommend that you have the 2.

I did and it made a huge improvement in roll or side to side sway. Remove the nuts and washers from the stabilizer shaft clamp and the left front leaf spring, and remove the stabilizer shaft from the vehicle.

My drinking buddy who works for W tells me that there has been a HUGE recall of Workhorse chassis due to brake related problems, It would certainly be prudent if you have one to check it out.

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